Less energy use through optimisation and new ways of comminution

60% of the electrical energy comsumed in cement production is used for comminution. In order to reduce this amount, VDZ is engaged in researching new ways of comminution and optimising existing grinding plants. You can find more information in the following video.

Main focus of our services

Our laboratory staff and technicians have many years of experience of working with the often sensitive measurement procedures in mechanical process technology. The key analytical procedures are accredited and regularly monitored by round robin tests and internal quality checks. Our mechanical laboratory thus has both the ability and the applicable experience to be able to perform the entire spectrum of necessary analytical work, together with interpretation of the results. Our experienced specialists regularly implement optimisation projects for industrial grinding plants in the cement industry and associated branches throughout the world and are fully familiar with the requirements of industrial practice. Within the framework of individual projects and in the course of implementing publicly funded research projects, we systematically work to improve our understanding of process technology and on the constant advancement of our methods. This produces a symbiosis of research and practice which is unique in its form. Our knowledgeable experts would be pleased to offer you their advice, from sampling and the production of an analysis schedule, right through to interpretation and implementation of the results to optimise the installation.

Our methods

a) Installation auditing and process optimisation

  • Weak point analysis
  • Auditing of existing plants and production of optimisation proposals
  • Consultation on new projects
  • Assistance with solving operational problems
  • Determination of volumetric flows in dust-laden gases

b) Determination of product properties

  • Particle size with laser diffraction, sieve analysis
  • Determination of solid and bulk density
  • Determination of specific surface areas in accordance with Blaine and BET methods
  • Determination of grindability in accordance with Bond and Zeisel

c) Measurements of operating statuses

  • Determination of volumetric flows in dust-laden gases
  • Determination of classifier efficiency levels
  • Determination and assessment of grinding path progress

d) Enhancement of energy efficiency

  • Production of plant-specific energy balances
  • Benchmarking with respect to VDZ database and BAT values
  • Determination of potential for cost savings

Your benefits

  • We always provide our scientifically based analytical results together with important information for practical operation
  • We develop integrated solutions for you, covering all theoretical and practical aspects
  • Our unique pool of experts encompasses all areas of process technology, from analysis right through to application technology
  • You benefit from benchmarking of the data gathered by comparison with our extensive VDZ database and BAT (best available techniques)

Quality standards

The management system of VDZ Technology gGmbH is certified by DQS in accordance with ISO 9001
VDZ Technology gGmbH is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Other services in which we operate

Environmental and climate protection

We can offer integrated consultation on all environmental aspects associated with the production and processing of cement, lime, concrete and other construction products. With a view to enhancing your environmental performance we can identify your specific requirements and accordingly offer you a complete package of various services. For example, this involves the production of environmental expert reports and the optimisation of your process steps and products.

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Maintenance and measurement

Preventive maintenance keeps production processes in operation. It calls for the regular, diligent inspection and measurement of rotary kilns and ball mills – the heart of the plant. From our extensive portfolio of maintenance services we can offer you a complete package of tailor-made solutions. In particular we carry out the inspection and measurement of rotary kilns, rotary driers, rotary coolers and ball mills or the expert assessment of the mechanical systems of rotary equipment.

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Technical Reviews and Benchmarking

We can provide you with tailor-made Technical Reviews and Energy Reviews to make your current and future cement production as efficient as possible. Our experienced experts work all around the world and conduct integrated, scientifically based analyses and benchmarking for either certain aspects of your production or for your entire production process (e.g. equipment, raw materials, energy demand, fuels, cement portfolio, emissions, environmental protection legislation etc.). So we can develop independent, customised solutions to optimise your installations. (Picture: HCAG/ Steffen Fuchs)

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Thermal process technology

We offer a comprehensive service portfolio covering the entire field of thermal process technology. We can advise you on every aspect of process optimisation, product quality, energy efficiency and the use of alternative fuels and raw materials. In addition we also conduct measurements in high-temperature processes as well as performing process technology modelling.

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Digital process support

Digital process support covers process-related subjects in the field of digitalisation and industry 4.0, as well as the directly associated aspects of simulation technology. The central areas of work include the creation of standard data structures, the utilisation and in particular the robustness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, as well as the development and use of a wide range of simulation methods for process optimisation and training purposes.

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