Main focus of our service

On numerous levels we work on the creation of prerequisites for efficient and successful digitalisation in the cement industry. In concrete terms this means standardising data structures and interfaces to effectively streamline the process of data integration. Data quality and structured storage are further crucial aspects. Thanks to their sound scientific expertise, our digitisation specialists can offer support and advise you on all matters relating to data-driven solutions.

Digital process support also makes use of the methods of conventional simulation technology. The next development stage involves employing data-based methods (Hybrid Modelling) to enhance conventional simulations and models.

Realistic simulation tools are also used in the field of further training. For almost 20 years now we have been making use of the SIMULEX® training simulator from KHD Humboldt Wedag for instruction in connection with cement plants. The combination of modern simulator training and practical training units adds up to a highly efficient training concept. New methods of training based on virtual reality are currently also being developed.

Our methods / Your benefits

  • By combining extensive process expertise with various conventional simulation methods and "Artificial Intelligence" we can provide you with all-round support throughout the entire scope of process engineering
  • The standardisation of uniform data structures can be expected to substantially simplify the process of data integration over the long term
  • Our specialised digitalisation  experts offer support in all aspects of data-driven solutions
  • The identification of optimisation potential for processes and products through the use of conventional models and AI methods alongside our in-depth expertise throughout the entire cement and concrete value chain
  • In extensive scientific research projects we concentrate on intensive studies into the applicability and robustness of new methods

Other services in which we operate

Environmental and climate protection

We can offer integrated consultation on all environmental aspects associated with the production and processing of cement, lime, concrete and other construction products. With a view to enhancing your environmental performance we can identify your specific requirements and accordingly offer you a complete package of various services. For example, this involves the production of environmental expert reports and the optimisation of your process steps and products.

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Technical Reviews and Benchmarking

We can provide you with tailor-made Technical Reviews and Energy Reviews to make your current and future cement production as efficient as possible. Our experienced experts work all around the world and conduct integrated, scientifically based analyses and benchmarking for either certain aspects of your production or for your entire production process (e.g. equipment, raw materials, energy demand, fuels, cement portfolio, emissions, environmental protection legislation etc.). So we can develop independent, customised solutions to optimise your installations. (Picture: HCAG/ Steffen Fuchs)

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Maintenance and measurement

Preventive maintenance keeps production processes in operation. It calls for the regular, diligent inspection and measurement of rotary kilns and ball mills – the heart of the plant. From our extensive portfolio of maintenance services we can offer you a complete package of tailor-made solutions. In particular we carry out the inspection and measurement of rotary kilns, rotary driers, rotary coolers and ball mills or the expert assessment of the mechanical systems of rotary equipment.

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Mechanical process technology

In the field of mechanical process engineering, we offer a wide range of services, from the characterisation of solids in powder form and the performance of complex grinding and classification trials, right through to the optimisation of industrial plants. Above and beyond this, our interdisciplinary teams of experts can advise you on how to deal with technical problems in existing installations and on the planning of new plants.

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Thermal process technology

We offer a comprehensive service portfolio covering the entire field of thermal process technology. We can advise you on every aspect of process optimisation, product quality, energy efficiency and the use of alternative fuels and raw materials. In addition we also conduct measurements in high-temperature processes as well as performing process technology modelling.

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Assessment and optimisation of cement properties

Throughout the world we can provide you with complete information on all aspects of the optimisation of cement properties. The spectrum of our services ranges from assessment of the main constituents, enhancement of the mix formulation as well as optimisation of workability and compressive strength, right through to product development. Our experts work on an interdisciplinary basis and have many years of experience, coupled with extensive knowledge of practical implementation. They are able to develop integrated, reliable solutions to precisely suit your requirements.

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