VDZ's e-learning platform on cement manufacturing

Our online learning platform offers around 40 online courses and 70 training hours on cement production and other related topics. There is also additional valuable material allowing you to dive into specific topics. Our learning content is consistently updated and extended.

The online courses are well-structured, practical and multimedia-based. In addition to texts, pictures and videos, they also offer animations which will help you to better understand complex issues and learn how to operate a cement plant in a more efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly way.

Questions at the end of each online course give you the opportunity to test your acquired knowledge. After the successful completion of a final test a VDZ certificate can be downloaded for each course.

The online courses on cement manufacturing are available in English, German, French and Russian.

Learn anytime, anywhere with our e-learning platform!


Target groups

  • (Technical) employees in the cement industry
  • Trainees and trainers
  • Young engineers
  • Employees from the supplier industry
  • Interesses with no technical background



  • E-learning / Online learning
  • Anytime, anywhere


  • Upon successful completion of a final test, you will receive an automatically generated VDZ certificate for each online course.


  • 1 licence: 650 €
  • 5 licences: 2,850 €
  • 10 licences: 4,900 €
  • 50 licences: 21,000 €
  • Flat rate (150 active users): 35,000 €

Within license packages licenses can be freely and individually transferred to all languages available. The flat rate applies to one language only.

We will be happy to advise you and prepare a customised offer for you.

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