Main focus of our services

The CSC certification system applies to raw materials, their source or origin, manufacturing as well as various economic, social and ecological aspects. Our independent recognised CSC certification body accompanies you throughout the entire certification procedure and provides the following specific services:

  • Checking of verification for the sustainability criteria in the CSC Toolbox
  • Inspection of plant/various sites and on-the-spot examination of CSC criteria
  • Inspection and certification of suppliers as applicable
  • Calculation of points attained / determination of score
  • Issuing of certificate in the bronze, silver, gold or platinum category

Our methods

  • We provide in-depth information on the procedure and the steps required for CSC certification
  • We submit a detailed quotation and inform you about the costs you will be charged by the Concrete Sustainability Council
  • As a certification body we perform all the necessary examinations quickly and then issue a certificate
  • For consultation about or practical assistance with production of the required verification, we recommend cooperation with Güteschutz Beton Nordrhein-Westfalen Beton- und Fertigteilwerke e.V. This procedure has already been successfully employed for many of our customers.

Your benefits

  • Expert, comprehensive information in the run-up to the certification procedure, full cost transparency
  • Competent auditors with years of experience, not just in the field of CSC certification
  • Rapid and uncomplicated handling of the process
  • Comprehensive accompaniment throughout the entire CSC certification procedure, covering every single aspect

Additional information

CSC Technical Manual 2.0

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