People and values

As VDZ, we try to address the values that characterise a mature society today and to live these values. In this way we are proud of ourselves and at the same time we honour our ancestors. We are grateful to them for what they created before us, because without this past we would not have a foundation for what we do today. We have clear rules that set us guidelines and also provide security. We are successful in business and we care about the big issues of the world. We want to live these values in a credible manner, they are part of the story we tell, they are an essential part of our identity and at the same time an incentive when we look ahead.

Part of our long-term future perspective is our new building on Toulouser Allee in Düsseldorf. This means that after more than 60 years VDZ has left its domicile in Tannenstraße, where the research institute has been home and fixed point for many generations of employees and representatives of VDZ member companies. The new building is thus also an expression of the development that VDZ has undergone in the decades since its refounding. With the new, modern building, with its professional competence and its roots in the cement industry, VDZ is perfectly positioned for the challenges that lie ahead of the cement industry.

Ultimately, however, it is the people who work for VDZ that are decisive: A strong management team that works together in a spirit of trust and friendship, and the employees who are competent and enjoy their work in Berlin and Düsseldorf as well as in the regional offices of the Concrete Information Centre. With our strong sense of "we", we make VDZ what it is and will continue to develop it in the tradition of VDZ and accompany the cement industry on its way into the future.



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