Our research institute boasts a broad spectrum of topics aimed at students of the following disciplines:

Chemical engineering


Civil engineering

Energy management

Energy and materials physics

Environmental technology


Materials sciences

Materials technology

Mechanical engineering


Plant engineering


Process technology/engineering

or other technical/scientific fields

Tests carried out as part of your final thesis at the research institute will be supported by our comprehensive scientific infrastructure or based on measurements taken from cement works and kiln plants. In the process, you will thus become familiar with the work carried out by publicly funded and joint research projects, ideal preparation for starting your professional career or continuing with doctorate studies.


As part of its research work, VDZ engages in cooperation with a number of universities, institutes and technical colleges across Germany, a network that is constantly expanding. We will be more than happy to discuss a potential partnership between VDZ and your institute in terms of final theses, teaching or field trips.

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Life as an everyday lab and research worker

VDZ also offers its students the opportunity to experience the reality of working in a research institute, in our testing, inspection and certification body and in our laboratories as part of an orientation program. Personal professional interests and goals can thus be compared with the job descriptions in the cement and building materials industry. Following a successful placement, students often return to the Research Institute of the Cement Industry to complete final theses or doctorate studies.

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