Main focus of our services

Optimisation of laboratory testing procedures

Cement production is controlled on the basis of test results obtained from both raw materials and intermediate and end products. This involves the use of automated measurement methods like X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) or X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) as well as traditional methods such as compressive strength testing, for example. In addition to the upkeep and maintenance of measuring devices, the regular checking and if necessary adjustment of evaluation routines are also essential to ensure precise testing. We have been successfully assisting plant laboratories with the optimisation of their processes and test methods for many years now. Our experienced laboratory experts will visit your plant laboratories to record and assess your procedures and methods as well as producing Technical Reports containing appropriate proposals for improvements.

Our Methods

Together with your plant laboratories we establish possible ways of improving laboratory organisation and testing procedures.

  • On-site visits to your plant laboratories by experienced VDZ employees
  • In-depth study and assessment of existing testing techniques and methods
  • Detailed recording of the types and number of samples to be examined, as well as transfer of the samples from production to the laboratory/measuring device
  • Comprehensive checking and assessment of calibration operations and evaluation routines
  • Scientific comparative testing on reference samples to determine the precision and weak points of the analysis system
  • Organisation and if required evaluation of performance tests within companies or groups (proficiency testing)
  • Extensive "Training on the job" courses for laboratory employees
  • Technical Report containing detailed proposals for the optimisation of equipment, sampling and testing procedures as well as to maintain laboratory performance

Your benefits

  • Reliable and independent checking, assessment and documentation of laboratory performance
  • Test values as dependable indicators for the material flows and plant control in the process
  • Improved testing procedures for optimum accommodation of changes in products and raw materials
  • Sustained enhancement of the precision and, if applicable, throughput of your plant laboratory
  • Increase in employee awareness when taking and preparing samples as well as performing analysis
  • Efficient communication with your plant laboratory
  • Knowledgeable specialists with years of experience in the optimisation of procedures and test methods
  • Ongoing improvements to testing procedures based on the latest research state-of-the-art

Quality standards

The management system of VDZ Service GmbH is certified by  DQS in accordance with ISO 9001
VDZ Service GmbH is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Other services in which we operate

Material testing and analysis

Our interdisciplinary team can provide answers to questions relating to the manufacture and application of cement and concrete in line with the latest state-of-the-art. At the same time we can offer our customers a range of services encompassing all important testing activities and consultation work, right through to complex expert reports. Up-to-the-minute research and a professional attitude towards service combine to produce synergies which are reflected by the high quality and practical relevance of our work.

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Environmental analysis

The VDZ laboratories are equipped with high-performance analytical devices for the examination of environmental sam-ples (solids or solutions) to establish the amount of environ-mentally relevant components or the release of environmentally relevant substances. We analyse samples from our own projects with regard to environmental relevance and also offer the same service for samples from external customers.

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Damage analysis

Do you have a problem with a damaged concrete structure? We will analyse the damage and assess the actual state of your structure. On the basis of the results obtained we can plan the protection and maintenance work required for your structure.

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Reference materials

We can supply you with a variety of reference materials for use in the laboratory to help you check and assure the quality of your analyses. Materials for the analysis of cements and alternative fuels are currently available. We can provide a standard ASR test cement for checking the alkali reactivity of aggregates.

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Performance of cement

We can offer you various comprehensive services for the purpose of optimising the performance of cement. In doing so we provide you with full support throughout the entire process. Our interdisciplinary teams of experts have many years of experience gained from customer projects around the world and also further their knowledge by working on practical research projects.

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Concrete technology

Our experienced team of experts provides answers to all questions relating to the production and processing of concrete. We can offer the full spectrum of important testing and consultation services, together with complex expert reports, ranging from structure management and material and durability tests right through to sustainability assessments and approval inspections.

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