Scope of services

Assessment of deposits

  • Screening of potential deposits or evaluation of existing data 
  • Geological and geostatistical data analysis and modelling
  • Sampling of drill cores and current mining
  • Analyses to assess the quality and homogeneity of a deposit
  • Qualitative risk assessment of deviating clay qualities and recommendations to manage such deviations (stockpiling, homogenisation, etc.)

Chemical-mineralogical characterisation of raw materials

  • Professional sample preparation
  • Determination of the chemical-mineralogical composition by means of XRF, XRD and wet chemical methods
  • Determination of critical parameters (heavy metals, sulphur, TOC, fluoride etc.)

Determination of suitable calcination conditions

  • Laboratory-scale tests under consideration of the clay mineralogy and the pozzolanic potential of the clay
  • Control of the calcining process by X-ray diffraction analysis
  • Reactivity tests according to EN 197-1 and other methods
  • Determination of the optimum calcination conditions with regard to temperature and kiln atmosphere (if necessary, avoidance of colouring components)
  • Calculation of raw material-related CO2 emissions

Performance test of the calcined product in cement and concrete

  • Calcination of larger sample quantities
  • Grinding of the samples to a requested fineness
  • Determination of the particle size distributions and of the specific surface area acc. BET of the calcined products
  • Production and testing of clay containing cements according to EN 196-1, -3 and other standards
  • Determination of the activity index according to EN 450-1
  • Investigation of the fresh and hardened concrete properties as well as the influence of ad-mixtures and parameters relevant to durability
  • Assessment of the discolouration potential in mortar and concrete

Determination of emission-relevant parameters

  • Volatilisation tests at different atmospheres under consideration of the optimal calcination conditions for the respective clay
  • Determination of volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOC), carbon monoxide (VCO), sulphur dioxide (VSO2) and other parameters as a function of temperature and gas composition
  • Preparation of emission forecasts

Plant design and process implementation

  • Support in communication with the plant manufacturer in raw material and cement specific questions
  • Set up of quality assurance concepts
  • Support in the implementation of necessary management systems
  • Emission measurements in accordance with the applicable environmental law requirements by our accredited measuring body

Support for the development / market launch of cements containing clay

  • Development of clay containing cements taking into account normative and customer-specific requirements, e.g. strength class
  • Creation of presentations and/or brochures for market launch and customer acquisition
  • Monitoring of European Approval Procedures (ETA)
  • Quality monitoring of clay containing cements

Your benefits

Since 2009 we have been pioneers in the field of optimisation of cements with calcined clays and work on the latest state of research. Our interdisciplinary working experts guarantee the holistic support of your project from one source. Therefore an optimal and independent pro-cessing of your task is ensured.

Other services in which we operate

Laboratory services

Our interdisciplinary team can provide answers to virtually all questions relating to cementitious building materials in line with the latest state-of-the-art. At the same time we can offer our customers a range of services encompassing all important testing activities and consultation work, right through to complex expert reports. Up-to-the-minute research and a professional attitude towards service combine to produce synergies which are reflected by the high quality and practical relevance of our work.

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Concrete technology

Our experienced team of experts provides answers to all questions relating to the production and processing of concrete. We can offer the full spectrum of important testing and consultation services, together with complex expert reports, ranging from structure management and material and durability tests right through to sustainability assessments and approval inspections.

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Education and Training

VDZ has been offering its training and education programme for more than 60 years. Our education and training programmes ranges from one-day workshops to two-year courses for foremen and cover a broad scope of topics on the production of cement and its application in mortar and concrete.

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Environmental consultation

We can offer integrated consultation and support for all environmental aspects associated with the production and processing of cement, lime, concrete and other construction products. Our many years of expertise obtained from research and practical work enable us to provide you with an all-round comprehensive range of services, starting with selecting procedures, assessment and extending right through to the optimisation of your individual process steps and products.

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