Main focus of our services

Over the course of several decades we have successfully conducted any number of Technical Reviews and Energy Reviews both at home and abroad, performing customised analysis and optimisation of the production processes of many plants. In connection with our integrated studies we have developed and progressively refined our own scientifically based assessment methods. Depending on the objective of the review we can currently provide you with three different types of Technical Review and Energy Review (Basic, Advanced and Detailed). You will receive the review results in the form of a report in German, English or Russian. We will consult you in advance to decide on the specific performance indicators to be studied in each case. We guarantee that our project management, review activities and assessment satisfy the highest standards in terms of technical expertise, accuracy and confidentiality.

Technical Reviews: The purpose of our Technical Reviews is to identify the optimisation potential in the customer's specific cement production process (from quarry to despatch) and to assess it from an economic point of view. In all of this you benefit from our many years of international experience in the field of thermal and mechanical process engineering as well as environmental technology. Our Technical Reviews for rotary kiln plants and mills provide you with an independent and sound assessment of the state of your installation. Alongside the entire production process, we also incorporate product quality into the assessment. A further focal point of our work is the development of innovative solutions for emissions reduction (nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide etc.).

Energy Reviews: Our Energy Reviews involve performing sound energy efficiency analyses to suit your specific requirements. In doing so we examine a specific area of the production facilities or the entire production line. This enables us to identify potential savings in certain production processes and to check the potential for enhancing energy efficiency in the production line as a whole. Our experts can also perform tailor-made individual assessments on site. In this process we assess the energy data gathered or measured and compare this with our extensive database and the BAT (Best Available Techniques) parameters (Benchmarking). This provides you with an independent, transparent analysis of the electrical and thermal energy efficiency of your installations as compared to other plants.

Our methods

You can benefit from our expertise, successfully employed in practice and backed up by scientific research in the field of cement production, from qualified specialists with extensive knowledge about the latest methods and measurement techniques, from our accredited laboratories and from our many years of experience in international service projects.

Depending on the objective we can always provide you with three different types of Technical Review or Energy Review (Basic, Advanced and Detailed).

  • Basic Review: Expert assessment based on available plant data
    The foundation for Basic Reviews is the data which is available at the cement plant and supplied to VDZ in the form of a completed questionnaire.
  • Advanced Review: Expert assessment based on available plant data and on-site inspection (without on-site measurements)
    Advanced Reviews provide a more detailed overview of the state of the technical installations at a cement plant: On-site inspections detect any uneconomical practices and technical shortcomings. The result of the review is a report which identifies improvement measures and possible ways of cutting production costs and/or proposes further action.
  • Detailed Review: Complex on-site measurements and analysis of results (mass and air flows, emissions, particle size distribution etc.)
    Detailed Reviews are advisable if the data quality produced by an Advanced Review is not sufficient to justify the costs of recommended improvements with high CAPEX (e.g. plant modernisation). We therefore always conduct Detailed Reviews on a customer-specific basis with regard to objectives and the scope of the measurements.

Your benefits

Services associated with Technical Reviews:

  • Integrated assessment of your plant/plant sections in terms of quality, production performance, emissions, costs and industrial safety aspects
  • Transparent, independent analysis and assessment
  • Comparison of your plant with the data available to VDZ and BAT values (Best Available Techniques)
  • Performance of bottleneck analyses and optimisation measurements
  • Identification and quantification of potential for optimisation, identification of improvement measures at your plant
  • Development of innovative solutions for emissions reduction (nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, dust, greenhouse gases etc.)

Services associated with Energy Reviews:

  • Transparent analysis of the electrical and thermal energy efficiency of your plant independently of the provider
  • Comparison of your plant with the data available to VDZ and BAT values (Best Available Techniques)
  • Determination and analysis of the energy demand of your production processes
  • Performance of optimisation measurements
  • Assessment of the energy management system of your plant
  • Identification and quantification of savings potential at your plant
  • Expert assessment of your production processes in terms of CO2 abatement measures.

Service Offer Process/Product Optimisation, Environmental Services

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Other services in which we operate

Environmental and climate protection

We can offer integrated consultation on all environmental aspects associated with the production and processing of cement, lime, concrete and other construction products. With a view to enhancing your environmental performance we can identify your specific requirements and accordingly offer you a complete package of various services. For example, this involves the production of environmental expert reports and the optimisation of your process steps and products.

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Maintenance and measurement

Preventive maintenance keeps production processes in operation. It calls for the regular, diligent inspection and measurement of rotary kilns and ball mills – the heart of the plant. From our extensive portfolio of maintenance services we can offer you a complete package of tailor-made solutions. In particular we carry out the inspection and measurement of rotary kilns, rotary driers, rotary coolers and ball mills or the expert assessment of the mechanical systems of rotary equipment.

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Thermal process technology

We offer a comprehensive service portfolio covering the entire field of thermal process technology. We can advise you on every aspect of process optimisation, product quality, energy efficiency and the use of alternative fuels and raw materials. In addition we also conduct measurements in high-temperature processes as well as performing process technology modelling.

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Mechanical process technology

In the field of mechanical process engineering, we offer a wide range of services, from the characterisation of solids in powder form and the performance of complex grinding and classification trials, right through to the optimisation of industrial plants. Above and beyond this, our interdisciplinary teams of experts can advise you on how to deal with technical problems in existing installations and on the planning of new plants.

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Digital process support

Digital process support covers process-related subjects in the field of digitalisation and industry 4.0, as well as the directly associated aspects of simulation technology. The central areas of work include the creation of standard data structures, the utilisation and in particular the robustness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, as well as the development and use of a wide range of simulation methods for process optimisation and training purposes.

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