Quite soon, the rooms in Eckstrasse were no longer adequate for the extended work programme. Hence in 1954 the VDZ decided also to buy the plots of land adjacent to the site on which the former research institute of the blast furnace cement industry had stood. In the first phase of building, a four-storey main building with a lecture room, a workshop and a dwelling house for employees was built. On 1 June 1956, the new building was formally opened.

After just five years, a first extension became necessary. By creating a cellar under the courtyard, urgently needed work and storage rooms were gained. In 1965, it was possible to move into the first three floors of the extension in the Roßstrasse. In addition, in 1972 the Association bought a further 160 m² strip of land behind the institute.

On this plot of land, it extended the concreting hall to double the ground area. In the cellar of the new building, several large frost chambers accessible to vehicles and a separate insulated room for storage at +40 °C and 100% atmospheric humidity were built. Then in 1992, the extension was enlarged to the originally planned height of six storeys.

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