VDZ's range of topics and fields of activity has been constantly expanding and changing throughout its history, which spans more than 140 years. Today, its activities represent the economic, technical and scientific interests of the German cement industry.  

In addition, VDZ's Research Institute in Düsseldorf is a world-unique research centre for practical and quality-oriented joint work on cement and concrete. Promotion of technology and science within the scope of the non-profit organisation VDZ Technology gGmbH fulfils one of the association's key purposes. It also offers extensive development programmes for the industry.  

Outstanding quality awareness has been decisive in VDZ's history. Based on this tradition, VDZ works in examining and monitoring the products and processes of cement manufacturers. Since 2007, these tasks have been pooled into the divisions of the environmental measuring body, PÜZ body and VDZ Cert. These divisions a parts of the independent VDZ Service GmbH.

Evolving the well-established

As VDZ, we are proud that we have always been able to develop and sometimes reinvent ourselves. In doing so, cement continues to cast its spell over us. And so we like to tell the story of cement as a binding agent, this millennium material without which our modern society would be unimaginable.

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VDZ's management is currently represented by 11 members, in the positions of Chief Executive, Managing director and department head respectively.

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Germany's cement manufacturers have formed an independent interest group since 1877, when they founded the "Verein Deutscher Cement-Fakrikanten" ("association of German cement manufacturers"). Verein Deutscher Zementwerke e.V. (VDZ) is continuing this tradition.

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VDZ´s shareholdings

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Corporate Philosophy

Here you will find information about our corporate philosophy.

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Our units

The Association

VDZ (Verein Deutscher Zementwerke) is the economic, technical and scientific association for the German cement industry. Its aim is to uphold and promote the joint economic interests of the cement industry and to promote technology and science, including pre-competitive research and development in the field of manufacture and use of hydraulic binders.

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Certification is a separate, independent and non-partisan area supplementary to VDZ's service portfolio. It is performed by the recognised autonomous certification body VDZ Cert. This ensures the independent monitoring and certification of construction products to satisfy the protective purposes of the Construction Products Regulation and the Federal State Building Codes.

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Research & Innovation

The non-profit organisation VDZ Technology gGmbH pools in particular the joint activities of German cement manufacturers to promote knowledge, technology and research and development in the field of manufacture and use of hydraulic binders.

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Services & Consulting

As an international technical and scientific service provider for the cement and building materials industry, VDZ provides all services relating to cement, concrete and environmental protection. We cover the entire value chain from one source.

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