VDZ President Christian Knell explains the rise in cement consumption in Germany as follows: "Since 2015 there has been an upward trend on the German cement market thanks to the positive developments in the building construction and civil engineering sectors." In 2017 over 1.3 million more tonnes of cement were used than in the year before. "This growth can primarily be attributed to higher investments in new construction work. But one-off effects such as good weather conditions were also significant factors," says Knell.

According to the figures now available, domestic demand for cement was almost completely covered by German-based producers last year. Only 1.6 million tonnes or 5.4 % had to be imported. This figure has increased slightly compared to the preceding years. The same applies to cement exports, which rose by 1.6 % to a total of around 6.2 million tonnes according to the German Federal Statistical Office.

The industry sees itself in a stable overall position in the current year. "Potential for growth is still evident in certain construction sectors. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to exploit this as we are reaching capacity limits in the construction industry," adds Knell.

Cement consumption in Germany is made up of domestic cement deliveries from German cement manufacturers and cement imports. VDZ obtains its information on cement imports and exports from the foreign trade data of the German Federal Statistical Office. 18 German cement manufacturers with a total of 46 cement plants are members of VDZ. The industry as a whole generates an annual turnover of around 2.7 billion Euros and employs approx. 8,000 people in Germany. 

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