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Research projects on the subject Knowledge transfer


Reduction of green house gases by process innovations in the primary Industry, SP 6: Development of a methodology for cross-project and ecological potential assessment, cement industry

The transfer and networking project ReInvent aims to provide technical and organisational support for the BMBF funding measure KlimPro-Industrie.

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Increasing energy efficiency in the cement industry through training by means of virtual reality (VR)

The aim of IGF project 21619 is to develop a training simulator with which learners can independently solve typical process engineering tasks within a virtual reality (VR) environment, particularly in connection with ball mills.

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BetonQuali - information and qualification platform

"BetonQuali - information and qualification platform", a joint project of VDZ gGmbH and its project partners, aimed to develop and test a training method for semi-skilled and unskilled employees in the concrete industry.

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