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Training on the subject Concrete technology

Online Course

VDZ e-learning

With us, you can expand your knowledge around the production of cement and lime, as well as in the area of concrete technology. As a competent partner, we have been offering our customers individual qualification solutions since 2010. In addition to German-language online courses, we also offer English- and Russian-language courses and other services.

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Cements of the Future

With the decarbonisation of cement production and the expected reduction in blastfurnace slag and fly ash quantities, unburned limestone, calcined clays, and recycled fines will gain in importance as cement main constituents. The focus will be on new, clinker-effcient cement types such as CEM II/C and CEM VI cements, whose performance allows a wide range of applications in practice. This online seminar provides an overview of the current state of development and standardisation of new cements. The possibilities and limits for practical implementation will be presented.

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Durability of concrete

Participants will get a comprehensive overview of concepts for ensuring the durability of concrete structures. In addition to the damage mechanisms the concrete technology and design elements as well as the execution are explained. On the basis of examples the influence of the cement on durability-relevant parameters is going to be explained. Performance concepts and the principles of service life design are also addressed. For the participants it is possible to discuss their current issues from operational practice.

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