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Research projects on the subject Concrete technology


Reducing the environmental impact of concrete construction through new types of cement and the concrete produced from them using starting materials that are available in adequate quantities

The aim of this research project was the laboratory and industrial production and testing of cements that contain levels of limestone above the maximum content described in DIN EN 197-1.

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ASR performance testing: extending the database to include the 60 °C concrete test with particular reference to cements with several main constituents

In the IGF (Cooperative Industrial Research) project the framework conditions for a possible performance test method for evaluating the alkali reactivity of concrete was calibrated on the basis of the requirements of the German regulations.

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New functionalities of textile-reinforced concrete through titanium dioxide modifications Subsidiary project: fine-grained concrete and cement-bound adhesive

The working plan of the Research Institute of the Cement Industry was aimed at systematic investigation of the mix formulation and workability of a nano-based cement-bound adhesive.

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