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Research projects on the subject Chemistry and mineralogy


Interactions between superplasticizers and cements with calcined clay in dependence of the temperature

The aim of the research project was to determine interactions between superplasticizers and cements with calcined clay.

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Suitability of various inorganic substances for use as a minor constituents in cements according to EN 197-1

The main scope of this research project was to supply evidence that selected inorganic substances are suitable for the use as minor constituents.

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Interactions between siliceous fly ash or calcined clay as cement main constituent and superplasticizers based on polycarboxylate ether as well as their influences on rheological properties of fresh cement paste and fresh concrete

It was determined how the rheological properties and the consistency of fresh concrete can be improved by the adjustment of the type and proportion of fly ash or calcined clay in the cement to the clinker as well as the type and dosage of the superplasticizer.

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Analysis concept for the determination of trace elements in the eluate of cement-bound building materials (IGF No. 16989 N)

The aim of the AiF research project was to identify the causes of the sometimes greater scatter rates in the analysis results in the case of comparison trials for the long-term tank test.

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