VDZ training programme

Qualification and further education of employees of German cement works is one of VDZ's core tasks. Based on its more than 50 years‘ experience in foremen education, VDZ has designed the Cement Manufacturing Course in order to meet the needs of cement plant technical personnel for advanced vocational training and the extension of professional competence. The training course covers the broad field of cement production, from quarry operation to cement grinding, focussing on fundamental as well as advanced technologies.

In order to meet increased requirements in terms of qualification of  process and control room operators, VDZ has also been offering its Process Operator Training for more than 20 years. The training will enable participants to have a better understanding of the process and how to optimise quality and reduce electrical energy as well as fuel consumption. The participants will receive in-depth training in operating specific parts of the plant (e.g. the kiln or mills).

Further courses and seminars for newcomers and experts complement the training programme with additional topics from the fields of cement manufacture, industrial safety, concrete technology, maintenance or emissions and environmental protection: Crash Course for Young Engineers, Process Technology of Cement Production, Simulator Training and Plant Maintenance and Refractories Course. Besides our open training courses, VDZ offers a wide range of customised training courses, seminars and workshops. VDZ's Technical Training Programme utilises the latest research results of the Research Institute of the Cement Industry and supports the transfer of the results into practice with its range of seminars.

E-learning and online courses on the up

Online courses and e-learning options have become firmly established in the cement industry over recent years. VDZ has been supporting cement manufacturers with its e-learning platform (www.elearning-vdz.de) since 2010. Multimedia content, animations and videos make complex topics easy for learners to understand. The web-based courses offer the necessary flexibility as daily production schedules often make it difficult to set aside entire days for further education measures. Thanks to the savings in terms of time and travel, online courses help to reduce the costs of staff development measures within the business while maintaining quality and improving individual training success. Many of VDZ's online courses are now also available in English and Russian. With the research project "Knowledge Network Cement-Lime-Concrete" VDZ is striking out on new paths together with partners from industry and the universities. This project, which was supported by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as by the European Social Fund, investigated the options offered by an Internet platform for networking and the joint acquisition of knowledge. The online portal developed as part of the project combines the classic VDZ online courses with functions of social networks, collaboration tools and reference works.


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Technical Training

VDZ Technical Training Programme 2018/2019

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