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The non-profit organisation VDZ gGmbH pools the joint activities of German cement manufacturers in order to promote knowledge, technology and research and development in the field of manufacture and use of hydraulic binders. Drawing on more than 140 years of research experience, VDZ gGmbH gathers and produces new findings for the purpose of:

  • Ensuring the performance of cement and concrete – in particular durability
  • Opening up new areas of application for cement-bound building materials
  • Tackling problems relating to the production and use of cement and cement-bound building materials
  • Using alternative fuels and constituents for cement and concrete production
  • Improving the performance and operating characteristics of kilns and grinding plants
  • Reducing energy consumption in cement production
  • Reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other substances that have an impact on the climate and environment in cement manufacture
  • Ecological assessment of cement-bound building materials
  • BIM-assisted condition assessment and repair planning for concrete constructions
  • Digital process support, evaluation of process data

In addition, researchers from VDZ convey these findings to VDZ's member companies, authorities, universities and the public. Issues of standardisation and quality assurance play a special role. At the same time, VDZ's experts work to improve environmental protection and promote industrial safety measures. With its training programme VDZ offers seminars, workshops, online options and training courses lasting several weeks as a comprehensive further education offering for the quarrying industry. In order to fulfil its tasks, VDZ gGmbH provides services in the fields of environmental and operating technology, chemistry and mineralogy and concrete and concrete constituents.


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Dr Volker Hoenig

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Dr Christoph Müller

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Quality standards

The management system of VDZ gGmbH is certified by DQS according to ISO 9001.

Furthermore, the VDZ gGmbH is accredited by the Germany's National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to



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