Accident statistics

Source: VDZ member companys

Constant improvement of industrial health and safety within the cement industry's works is one of the tasks defined in VDZ's articles of association. Supported by experienced safety engineers and health and safety experts from its member companies, VDZ develops measures for improving industrial safety in its specialist bodies. The common goal of all efforts is to provide safe workplaces and equipment, as well as motivating employees of cement works to be safety-conscious at work, regularly informing them of possible ways to improve industrial safety and encouraging them to constantly examine safety in the workplace.

To this end, VDZ publishes safety codes of practice three times a year, with descriptions of typical and especially noteworthy industrial accidents and safety check lists for improving industrial safety in the various operational divisions. Publications such as the code of practice 'Health and safety in hot areas of cement plants' and seminars and online courses from VDZ's training programme support the cement works in further reducing industrial accidents. Together, this has led to the accident rate in Germany's cement works having reduced to less than a fifth of the original figure since 1969, based on reportable accidents in accordance with the definition of Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie.

Year 1969 2015 20162017
Number of works 98 46 4646
Number of employees 15,190 5,315 5,2765,263
Hours worked 31,339,177 8,464,771 8,410,5908,233,417
Total industrial accidents (including non-reportable accidents) 1,541 80 9592
Reportable industrial accidents 1,376 57 7275
Not reportable industrial accidents 165 23 2317
Commute-related accidents 180 19 1617
industrial accidents
10 0 10
commute-related accidents
5 0 00
Accident frequency rate (accidents with loss of working days per 1 million hours worked) 43.90 *) 9.45 11.3011.17
Calendar days lost due to industrial accidents 31,935 2,367 2,2602,577
Work days lost per employee 2.10 0.45 0.430.49
100-person ratio (accidents per 100 employees) 9.10 *) 1.51 1.801.75

*) Change in calculation base: by 2007 only accidents with more than 3 days lost were calculated (reportable according to BG.)


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