Testing, monitoring and certifying body (PÜZ body)

Testing, monitoring and certifying cements and cement-type binders is one of VDZ's traditional core competencies. In doing this, VDZ has, for several decades, contributed to meeting the targets of the European Construction Products Regulation and regional construction ordinances. The corresponding tasks are implemented by the PÜZ body as part of the FIZ GmbH.

Our PÜZ body is accredited for product certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065. It operates within the statutory regulated sector and is approved by the responsible building inspectorate authorities in the following areas:

VDZ's PÜZ body certifies and monitors over 600 binders a year. Around 3,700 binder samples are investigated in the PÜZ body's test laboratories each year as part of external monitoring tests and commissioned and comparative tests.

Separating the PÜZ body from the German Cement Works Association (Verein Deutscher Zementwerke e.V.) and creating a new company, the today's FIZ GmbH, in 2007 further strengthened the employees' independence. The PÜZ body is responsible for tasks as a testing, monitoring and certifying body in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation and the regional construction ordinance (BauO NW), and the articles of association state that the head of the PÜZ body and the involved employees are expressly not bound to instructions from shareholders, thus being protected from any possible influence.

Recognition abroad

Bilateral agreements for mutual recognition of testing, monitoring and certifying activities have been in place between the PÜZ body and the corresponding Belgian, Danish, French and Dutch bodies for many years. These involve external monitoring according to national regulations that go beyond the requirements of EN 197. In consultation with the foreign bodies, the PÜZ body carries out the required additional tests and monitoring with German manufacturers. This means a considerable reduction in effort for the cement manufacturers.


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Quality standards

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