Training at VDZ

Well-trained and motivated employees have always been important for the cement industry. For this reason, VDZ has been providing training in the various professions for many years now. Considering the increasing focus on skilled workers in the sector, young professionals are presented with excellent opportunities following completion of a three-and-half-year training programme at VDZ to become an officially recognised chemical or physics laboratory technician.

At our research institute, our students are introduced to all the important processes within a laboratory and actively contribute towards the analyses carried out. They become familiar with the processes involved in physical and chemical measurements or tests carried out on materials and substances used in the cement industry. Another focus of the training is imparting all knowledge required for the profession. Our students also learn how to carry out assessments using modern analytical techniques in our chemical and mechanical/physical laboratories. We place particular emphasis on teamwork, personal commitment, as well as diligence and an interest in research. 

Our training placements are regularly published under “Vacancies”. If you are interested in a training placement to become a chemistry or physics laboratory technician, however are not yet entirely convinced, a work experience placement at VDZ may help you decide on your most suitable career path. 


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