VDZ Online Courses

VDZ Online Courses

VDZ Online Courses are designed to train industrial employees in the cement industry through innovative online learning methods. The courses can be used either for self-paced learning, as a supplement to classroom training or as a knowledge base.

The Online Courses provide the latest knowledge on cement production in an industry-proven, easily understandable format. Thanks to the web-based technologies, high quality animations, self tests and certification, employees can learn cost-efficiently any time and anywhere where they have access to the internet.


  • Raw material extraction
    - Extraction, loading, transportation 
    - Water drainage systems
  • Raw material preparation
    - Primary comminution
    - Raw materials, blending bed
    - Combined drying and grinding systems for raw material
    - Raw meal homogenization systems
  • Clinker production
    - Rotary kiln plants
    - Rotary kilns
    - Firing
    - Preheaters
    - Calciner
    - Bypass systems
    - Clinker coolers
    - Fuels
  • Cement production
    - Cement grinding plants
    - Ball mills
    - Roller mills
    - High pressure roller mills
    - Classifiers
    - Cement raw materials, product range
    - Cement blending systems
    - Cement cooling
  • Packing plant and dispatch
    - Packing machinery
    - Paletting machines
    - Cement storage
    - Loading equipment
  • General plant equipment
    - Mechanical continuous conveyors
    - Pneumatic conveyors
    - Process measurement techniques
    - Weighing and dosing equipment
    - Drive technology
    - Compressed air supply
    - Cooling water supply and treatment
  • Environmental protection
    - Dedusting equipment
    - Reduction of gas emissions

VDZ Online Courses include 36 modules and more than 75 hours of learning material.

Target groups

  • Workers
  • Craftsmen
  • Foremen
  • Plant Operators
  • Un- and Semi-skilled Workers
  • Industry newcomers
  • Graduates/Trainees
  • Managers

Duration, Dates and Costs

Duration: Multiple courses, 1-3 hours each

Dates: Flexible starting dates, 1 year runtime

Costs: 9,000 € per year for the first 30 users; set up fee 1,500 € one-off payment; 300 € per year for any additional user


Web-based training (with high quality pictures, animations, videos, glossary and self-testing questions), final test


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