VDZ Customised Training Courses, Seminars and Workshops

VDZ Customised Training Courses, Seminars and Workshops

Besides our open training courses we offer a wide range of customised training courses, seminars and workshops. During over 50 years’ teaching activity we have conducted numerous tailor-made training courses and seminars for cement producers and national or international organisations around the globe. The biggest advantage of this kind of training is that the topics, duration and the level of difficulty can be tailored to fit the customer’s needs to provide maximum practical benefit.


The topics of VDZ’s customised training courses, seminars and workshops can cover all aspects of cement production from process technology through quality surveillance to emissions abatement. The following list provides an insight into possible customised trainings:

General topics

  • Advanced plant optimisation and availability
  • Basic training in general plant technologies
  • Senior management training

Raw material extraction and preparation

  • Basic raw material preparation and homogenisation


  • Basic/advanced training in clinker production
  • Basic training in alternative fuels and raw materials
  • Advanced training in resources and energy efficiency
  • Basic training in BAT, e.g. burners, grinding plants
  • Basic cement chemistry and mineralogy training
  • Senior management training

Grinding technologies

  • Basic/advanced training in grinding technologies
  • Energy efficiency

General plant installations

  • Measurement techniques and process automation
  • Basic/advanced cement plant maintenance training

Environmental technology

  • State of the art technologies in environmental protection, e.g. dust, CO2, SO2, NOx, trace elements
  • Advanced training in energy consumption and management
  • Basic training in emission abatement

Standards, quality assurance and analytics

  • Basic product quality and quality management training
  • Advanced training on quality assurance and European standards (e.g., EN 196)
  • Basic training in XRF analysis
  • Basic training in technical mineralogy

Concrete technology

  • Basic training in concrete technologies
  • Basic training in alkali-silica reaction (ASR)

Safety at work

  • Cement plant health and safety measures
  • Working safely in hot areas of cement plants

Other topics for trainings and seminars are possible according to the customer’s needs.

Target groups

  • Production personnel
  • Laboratory managers
  • Qualified cement plant specialists
  • Young and experienced engineers
  • Managers and decision makers in the cement industry


At the customer’s or VDZ’s premises

Duration, dates and costs

Duration and dates: From one day to several weeks

Costs: Dependent on the topic, duration and location

Trainers: Our customised training courses, seminars and workshops are led by highly skilled and experienced engineers

Certificate: Upon successful completion of each training or seminar the participants will receive a certificate of attendance


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Christiane Schmetz

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