Expert’s reports and damage analytics

VDZ Damage analysis

The experienced and interdisciplinary team of engineers, chemists, mineralogists, geologists and physicists at VDZ advises and draws up expert’s reports to clarify cases of damage to concrete constructions or to prevent them beforehand. Our well-equipped laboratories offer extensive possibilities for this purpose. We analyse crack formation or discolourations on building structures or elements made of mortar and concrete. We assess, for example, aggregates, concrete compositions, or whether any impairment to durability, e.g. as a result of harmful alkali-silica reactions (ASR) or the lack of  freeze-thaw resistance is to be expected.

Non-destructive testing of compressive strength (rebound value)DIN EN 12504-2
Surface tensile strength, tear resistance, adhesive tensile strengthDIN 1048-2; ZTV-ING;
DAfStb Guideline ”Protection and repair of concrete building materials“
Non-destructive determination of concrete surfacingElectromagnetic
Ultrasonic run time
Crack monitoring, setting gypsum marks
Concrete test at 60°C or concrete test with fog chamber storage at 40°C on drill cores (with or without alkali supply): Determining the residual expansion potentialVDZ method
Post-cracking flexural strength on steel fibre concrete beams (e.g. taken from an industrial floor)in line with the DAfStb Guideline
Determination of the content and guide value of steel fibres (CT)
Pore content and pore distribution with mercury intrusion porosimetryDIN 66133
Capillary water absorptionDAfStb series no. 422, EN 480-5
Water absorption under atmospheric pressure/at 15 MPaDAfStb series no.  422
Permeability measurementDAfStb series no.  422
Taking samples from the structure (e.g. drill cores for compressive strength tests)DIN EN 12504-1
Leaching tests (tank test/shaking test)CEN/TS 16637-2
DIN EN 12457
Composition of hardened concreteDIN 52170


Dr. Christoph Müller

Dr Christoph Müller

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Concrete and mortar: testing of fresh and hardened concrete – tests regarding alkali-silica reaction – testing aggregates and admixtures


Dr. Jörg Rickert

Dr Jörg Rickert

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Chemistry and mineralogy: characterization of substances - consulting service - product optimisation