Reference materials

VDZ Reference materials

VDZ offers you a range of reference materials for laboratory practice:

1. Reference cements VDZ100, VDZ200, VDZ300

  • VDZ100 (CEM I), VDZ200 (CEM II/B-M (S,LL), VDZ300 (CEM III/B)
  • Wet chemistry acc. EN 196-2 (alkalis, sulfate, sulfide, chloride)
  • XRF acc. EN 196-2
  • Mineralogy through XRD / Rietveld method
  • Cement composition acc. CEN/TR 196-4
  • Trace elements
  • Density, specific surface (Blaine), particle size distribution
  • Sample amount: about 200 g in a glass vessel (each cement)
  • More information about the reference cements VDZ100, VDZ200 and VDZ300

2. Reference/test cements for testing of watersoluble chromate

Reference cement „Chromate“ VDZ410

  • CEM I 52,5 N (not chromate reduced)
  • About 7 ppm water soluble chromate according to EN 196-10
  • Packaging unit: 10 x 500g (sealed plastic packages, preventing air contact)

Testing cement „Chromate“ VDZ430 (e. g. for testing, approval or comparison of chromate reducing agents)

  • CEM I 52,5 N (not chromate reduced)
  • > 10 ppm water soluble chromate according to EN 196-10
  • Packaging unit: 1 x 5 kg (sealed vacuum composite bags, preventing air contact)

ASR-test cement for testing the alkali-reactivity potential of aggregates according to the German Alkali-Guidelines issued by the German Committee for Structural Concrete

  • CEM I 32,5 R according to DIN EN 197-1
  • Packing unit: on request

3. Alternative fuel

  • Granular plastic sample (PVC-ABS)
  • Chlorine about 8200 mg/kg (acc. DIN EN 14582, DIN EN 15408)
  • Calorific value about 39200 kJ/kg (acc. DIN 51900, DIN EN 15400)
  • Sample amount: about 180 g in a PE vessel

Please note: The materials offered are not certified reference materials (CRM) as defined in ISO Guide 30.


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VDZ Reference materials

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