Consulting and product optimisation

VDZ Consulting and product optimisation

VDZ also advises its customers in matters relating to product optimisation. Take advantage of our expert knowledge, our wide range of services and our extensive equipment. Our experts will support you in recording and evaluating the status quo at your plant and check the impacts of burning and cooling conditions; as well as raw materials and fuels on clinker properties. At our laboratories, we perform, for example, tests on the sulphate resistance and performance of cements and cement constituents as well as the effectiveness of chromate reducers. We will assist you during planning, execution and assessment of your operating trials and conduct preliminary trials to obtain approvals (e.g. forecast durability on the basis of parameters based on the degree of hydration). We will provide you with expert advice and develop suitable and practical solutions, among others, in the following areas:

  • Characterization of Portland cement clinker (influence of burning and cooling conditions and of alternative raw materials and fuels)
  • Causes of the formation of coating in cement and lime kilns
  • Sulfate optimization of cements (setting characteristics / strengths / interactions with admixtures)
  • Effectiveness of chromate reducers
  • Characterization of new binders
  • Performance of cements (e.g. sulphate resistance) and individual cement constituents
  • Hydration characteristics of cementitious binders
  • Mode of action of concrete admixtures
  • Hygienic properties of cement-bound construction materials (e.g. in the drinking water sector)
  • Approval testing to obtain technical approval as sulfate resisting cement
  • Carrying out preliminary tests to obtain approvals for cements and concretes, e.g. by forecasting durability on the basis of parameters based on the degree of hydration
  • Planning, execution and assessment of operating trials to obtain approvals
  • Support during building practice introduction


Dr. Jörg Rickert

Dr Jörg Rickert

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Dr. Christoph Müller

Dr Christoph Müller

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Service offer

Chemistry and mineralogy: characterization of substances - consulting service - product optimisation

Service offer

Concrete and mortar: testing of fresh and hardened concrete – tests regarding alkali-silica reaction – testing aggregates and admixtures

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The VDZ gGmbH is accredited by the Germany's National Accreditation Body according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.