Chemistry and mineralogy

We have an efficient laboratory accredited in accordance with DIN EN/ISO/IEC 17025 with first-class personnel and an extensive range of equipment.

We are specialists in the analysis and characterization of inorganic mineral substances, of raw materials and fuels for cement production and of cements and the cementitious construction materials.

The range of substances that can be investigated comprises:

  • cements (main constituents, minor constituents, calcium sulfate, additives)
  • mineral raw materials and aggregates
  • lime and lime products
  • admixtures and additions for concrete and mortar
  • mortar and concrete
  • fuels

An experienced interdisciplinary team of scientists, consisting of chemists, mineralogists, physicists, and engineers, will be happy to advise you on questions of product optimisation or on damage analysis.


Dr. Jörg Rickert

Dr Jörg Rickert

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Service offer

Chemistry and mineralogy: characterization of substances - consulting service - product optimisation

Quality standards

The VDZ gGmbH is accredited by the Germany's National Accreditation Body according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.