Certification of cements and other binders


The quality inspection and development of quality standards have been one of VDZ's founding tasks for more than 140 years. Today, the monitoring and certification body of VDZ monitors and certifies more than 500 binders in 60 cement works. The "VDZ hexagon" has stood for the highest quality standards for many decades. It's no coincidence that our seal can be found today on almost all the cements sold in Germany.

Approved/notified areas of our testing, inspection and certification body

Construction products/building materials Technical regulation(s) CPRLBO
Common cement EN 197-1 CB IB, CB
Low early strength blastfurnace cements EN 197-4   IB, CB
Very low heat special cements EN 14216 CB IB, CB
Cement with a low effective alkali content DIN 1164-10   IB, CB
Fast setting cement (FE-Zement) and rapid setting Portland cement and Portland composite cement (SE-Zement) DIN 1164-11  IB, CB
Cement with increased amounts of organic constituents DIN 1164-12 IB, CB
Calcium aluminate cement EN 14647 CB  
Shotcrete cement Approvals  IB, CB
Masonry cement EN 413-1 CB
Hydraulic road binders DIN 18506  IB, CB1)
Binders Approvals  IB, CB
Building lime EN 459-1 CB


Dr. Silvan Baetzner

Dr Silvan Baetzner

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Quality standards

The management system of FIZ GmbH is certified by DQS in accordance with ISO 9001.

The FIZ GmbH is a notified body and accredited by the DAkkS according to:




CPR - Construction Product Regulation

LBO - Federal State Building Code

T - testing body or laboratory

IB - inspection body

CB - certification body

1) - not relevant for building inspectorate approval

VDZ quality seal

The VDZ quality seal has stood for controlled quality for decades. It is attached by full VDZ members to construction products monitored by our monitoring and certification body.