Certification of aggregates

As a notified body in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and as a third party inspection body in accordance with the Federal State Building Code (LBO), the monitoring and certification of building materials is a focal point of our work. This also includes aggregates - particularly with regard to alkali reactive components.

Approved/notified areas of our testing, inspection and certification body

Construction products/building materialsTechnical regulation(s)CPRLBO
Aggregates for concreteEN 12620CB
Lightweight aggregatesEN 13055-1CB
Aggregates for mortarEN 13139CB
Aggregates according to EN 12620 with alkali reactive classEN 12620IB, CB
Aggregates according to EN 12620 with alkali reactive class EI from uncritical deposits EN 12620EN 12620IB, CB
Recycled aggregates type 1 and type 2DIN 4226‑100IB, CB
Artificial aggregatesApprovalsIB, CB
Recycled aggregatesApprovalsIB, CB


Dr. Silvan Baetzner

Dr Silvan Baetzner

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Quality standards

The management system of FIZ GmbH is certified by DQS in accordance with ISO 9001.

The FIZ GmbH is a notified body and accredited by the DAkkS according to:

DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 (EN 45011)



CPR - Construction Product Regulation

LBO - Federal State Building Code

T - testing body or laboratory

IB - inspection body

CB - certification body

1) - not relevant for building inspectorate approval