Product certification

Production of a specimen for certification of the cement

Construction products may only be traded in the European Union (EU) with a valid CE mark. In Germany, however, the Ü mark of conformity is obligatory for many construction products. The requirement in both cases is carrying out the so-called conformity assessment procedure, which is intended to guarantee health and safety protection when using the products, and the safety of the building. Part of this procedure is also the certification of products, which generally includes product testing, an initial inspection of the manufacturer's plant, verifying the factory production control, as well as the evaluation of these test results and subsequently regular monitoring of the products, the factory production control and the manufacturer's plant.

Traditionally, the monitoring and certification of construction products is one of VDZ's core areas of competence. Our testing, inspection and certification body (PÜZ) was set up for this purpose, which is accredited for the area of product certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065. Our PÜZ body operates within the statutory regulated sector and is approved by the responsible building inspectorate authorities in the following areas:

  • cement and cement-type binders
  • concrete additions
  • concrete admixtures
  • aggregates
  • masonry and grouting mortars
  • cementitious preparations


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Dr Silvan Baetzner

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Quality standards

The management system of FIZ GmbH is certified by DQS in accordance with ISO 9001.

The FIZ GmbH is a notified body and accredited by the DAkkS according to:



International Certifications

On request, cements as well as some plastering and masonry binders can also be certified in accordance with optional, foreign regulations. VDZ cooperates with bodies in Belgium and the Netherlands so that BENOR (Belgium) and KOMO (Netherlands) certifications can be carried out. It is also possible through the cooperation of our body for testing, inspection and certification with Danish and French bodies to obtain DANCERT (Danish) and NF (French) certificates.