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Our test laboratory, accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, analyses construction products - particularly cement and concrete, including concrete additions and admixtures - as well as mineral raw materials, lime and lime products and fossil and alternative fuels. In the course of which, we analyse primary, secondary and trace elements of the materials and products of the stone and earth industry. Our range of services includes both physical and also chemical testing as well as mineralogical characterisation.

Tests for environmental compatibility and leaching behaviour of construction products in ground-water and soil as well as in contact with drinking water

Please observe the regulations of the relevant European and national legislature for putting construction products on to the market. Environmental compatibility and harmlessness of the construction products used must be guaranteed, particularly for building measures in ground-water and soil, or in the drinking water sector. Cement bound construction products are products which are frequently used in hygienically sensitive areas due to their favourable properties (high durability, impermeability, low substance emissions).

The environmental compatibility of construction products can be proved by leaching tests. This determines whether substances emerging from the construction products comply with the insignificance thresholds determined by the Working Group of the Federal States on Water Issues (LAWA). VDZ has many years of experience in the assessment of environmental compatibility of cement bound construction products and concretes and has already carried out several projects on the further development of existing analytical methods at its Research Institute. We advise our customers already at the product development stage with regard to environmental compatibility and perform extensive tests and trials to prove environmental compatibility and to obtain the relevant building inspectorate approvals.

Leacing tests (Tanktest/Schütteltest)CEN/TS 16637-2
DIN EN 12457
Leaching tests according to the German standard methods S4DEV S4
(DIN 38414 Teil 4)
Determining the release of inorganic substances by leaching from cement based materialsDAfStb-Richtlinie




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