Measurements of noise and vibrations

Noise and vibrations are currently among the most important environmental and ecological burdening factors for employees and the population as a whole. Disturbances and stress caused by noise are not only increasing at work but also in leisure time. The lack of regeneration due to high and long noise pollution, however, leads to exhaustion and loss of performance and can even make people ill. Public protests, delays in construction, planning corrections and cost-intensive noise reduction measures can, however, also have economically adverse effects for the operator of a plant with correspondingly high noise emission.

The expert team of VDZ will provide support with its experienced and committed experts in developing cost-effective solutions to your problems (Example: incorporation into environmental compatibility investigations or licensing procedures).

Emissions and ambient pollution from noise

Measurement and / or prognosis of industrial noise (emission mapping, 3D modeling, optimized mitigation measures)TA Lärm
Calculation and measurement of sound pressure levels in the environment of multisource industrial plantsDIN ISO 8297
Preliminary noise levels at machines – airborne acoustical noise, enveloping surface method, especially chimneysDIN 45635-1, -47
Calculation and measurement of sound propagation in workroomsVDI 3760
Measurement and evaluation of low-frequency noise emissions in the neighborhoodDIN 45680
Measurement and prediction of traffic noiseaccording to 16. BImSchV
Measurement and prediction of leisure noiseaccording to 18. BImSchV

Emissions and ambient pollution from vibrations

Vibrations in buildings
  • Prediction of vibration parameters
  • Assessment of the impact on people in buildings
  • Assessment of exposure to buildings

DIN 4150 part 1 to 3


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