Calibration and function tests of emission measuring devices

As part of plant monitoring, the operators of plants requiring official approval are obliged to continually monitor their emissions from specific emission mass flow rates using their own measuring devices. In setting up a monitoring body to comply with standards, we can advise you on the selection of suitable measuring systems together with their subsequent installation on site. Our procedure is oriented to DIN EN 15259 (requirements for measurement sections and measurement stations, for the measurement task, the measurement plan and the measurement report).

Our interdisciplinary team of experts will perform the prescribed function tests (AST) and calibration (QAL 2) for you as well as preparing installation certificates for the following measuring devices:

Calibration and function tests

Quality assurance for automated measuring systemsDIN EN 14181
DIN EN 13284-2
Quantity assurance for automated measuring systemsIn accordance with DIN EN 14181 as an alarm threshold determination
Gas detectors (NO, SO2, O2, Total C, CO, CO2, NH3, HCI, H2O)DIN EN 14181 as well as the applicable standard reference method
Instruments for continuous mercury measurementDIN EN 14181
DIN EN 14884
Instruments for continuous volume flow measurementDIN EN 16911-1 and -2
Measurement computers (only function tests)DIN EN 14181
VDI 3950
Linearity check of process measurement devices (e.g. for CO monitoring)VDI 3950


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