CO2 monitoring and greenhouse gas emissions reports

CO2 monitoring and emission reports

Participation in the European Union’s emissions trading scheme obligates businesses to monitor their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and to disclose them in an annual emissions report. In its function as a neutral and accredited inspection body, our certification office FIZ-Zert verifies CO2 emissions reports in accordance with the applicable European and national laws and ordinances for submission to the respective authorities.

Our qualified experts are officially recognised environmental verifiers or are approved as experts by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Customers from the various segments of the non-metallic mineral industry – particularly cement, lime and gypsum – and the corresponding related industrial sectors benefit from our experts’ in-depth knowledge of the industry and outstanding specialist competence. We apply the highest of quality standards to our own performance and services. This includes aspects such as neutrality, confidentiality and disclosure which, besides the specialist qualifications for our line of work, are of key importance.

For our customers who do not engage our experts’ services in connection with verification or drafting of emissions reports, we also offer consultation on greenhouse gas emissions trading.

Particulars of the third trading period

The European Emissions Trading Scheme’s (ETS) third trading period (2013 - 2020) introduces numerous changes. The specifications applicable to plant operators are defined in the European monitoring regulation (EU Regulation 601/2012). For operators, this regulation substantially increases the requirements for monitoring schemes and their implementation. It also adds the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O) and perfluorocarbons (PFC) to those requiring monitoring. The requirements for verification bodies are defined in a separate EU regulation (600/2012).


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Quality standards

The FIZ GmbH is accredited by the the Germany's National Accreditation Body according to DIN EN ISO 14065 and verifies greenhouse gas emissions reports and tonne-kilometre reports according to EU regulation 600/2012.