Assessment of Portland cement clinker by means of microscopic and mineralogical analysis methods for the evaluation of the clinker burning process

The aim of the project is to develop a methodology for correlations between microscopically and mineralogically analysed clinker properties and burning conditions. An essential basis for this is the detailed material characterisation of different laboratory and plant clinkers.

In the first step of the investigations, the light microscopy observations on the effects of individual burning conditions on certain clinker properties are to be reproduced. For this purpose laboratory clinker samples will be produced. In a second step, it will investigated whether the relations between clinker properties and burning conditions, found in laboratory clinker samples, can also be transferred to clinker produced by higher alternative fuel consumption that is typical for German plants. Therefore clinker series are taken in different cement plants. In a third step, it will be investigated if the same clinker properties determined by complex light microscopy investigations are reflected in mineralogical properties defined by X-ray analysis.

In particular, small and medium sized plants (SMEs) should be given the opportunity to derive information on the burning conditions in the rotary kiln from the clinker properties in order to optimise these processes and to realize the further necessary increase of the alternative consumption in cement production with the same high clinker quality. The cement industry should to be enabled to gain information about the process from the product using the X-ray analysis, already available in many plants, and to use this information for optimisation.

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The IGF project 18776 N of VDZ gemeinnuetzige GmbH – VDZ gGmbH, Tannenstrasse 2, 40476 Duesseldorf is supported by the AiF within the framework of Industrial Collective Research (IGF) of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision of the German Bundestag.


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