Resource-saving concrete – The next-generation material

Use in cement, life cycle assessment for cement and concrete production, assessment of alkali reactivity

The collaborative research project “R concrete” stands for “Resource-saving concrete - The next-generation material” and is concerned with the treatment and use of recycled aggregate (RC aggregate). The project encompasses the entire value chain and deals with all issues currently standing in the way of broad-based introduction of R concrete onto the market. The contribution made by VDZ took the form of a sub-project. One of the aims was to compile “Guidelines for the use of crushed sands (fine RC aggregate) in the production of cement” – referred to in the project as “R cement”. Ecological assessment in the form of an ecobalance with regard to cement and concrete production was a further objective of this sub-project. It also involved devising a practicable procedure for the reliable avoidance of alkali-silica reaction.

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Collaborative research project “R concrete – Resource-saving concrete – The next-generation material”, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), funding scheme “New materials for urban infrastructures – HighTech-MatBau”


Dr. Christoph Müller

Dr. Christoph Müller

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11/2014 - 11/2017


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