Concrete Technology Reports from 1998 to 2015

The Concrete Technology Reports appear in the journal “beton” at irregular intervals and are compiled in a cased edition published every three years. In the table below, the articles are cited in the order of their date of publication in the journal “beton” and listed following the foreword to the respective anthology. You can order the current Concrete Technology Report on (German website).

Concrete Technology Reports 2013 - 2015




Martin Schneider,

Christoph Müller

Foreword Issue 2016

36 kB

Eberhard Eickschen,

Christoph Müller

Air void formation in the laboratory and in


443 kB

Christoph Müller,

Sebastian Palm,

Carl-A. Graubner,

Tilo Proske,

Stefan Hainer,

Moien Rezvani,

Winfried Neufert,

Ines Reuken

Cements with a high limestone content –

durability and practicability

935 kB

Christoph Müller,

Sebastian Palm,

Albrecht Wolter, Thomas Bohne

Characteristic values based on degree of hydration for predicting the durability of concrete

1,2 MB

Ingmar Borchers,

Christoph Müller

Practical testing of alkali reactivity of concrete compositions of the WF and WA moisture classes in ASR performance tests

407 kB

Maria Teresa Alonso,

Patrick Schäffel

Water secretion from concrete for industrial floors – laboratory results and their applicability to practical conditions

529 kB

Maria Teresa Alonso,

Patrick Schäffel

Dependable production of concrete industrial floors – practical results, laboratory results and some notes on stability

1,2 MB

Jochen Reiners,

Christoph Müller,

Joose Penttilä,

Rolf Breitenbücher

Achieving the intended concrete properties in modern 5-material systems of varied concrete constituents

512 kB

Christoph Müller,

Udo Wiens

Concrete construction in a state of flux

414 kB


Complete Report

4,2 MB

Concrete Technology Reports 2010 - 2012




Martin Schneider

Foreword Issue 2012

34 kB

Jörg Rickert

Zeta potential and rheology of cement pastes – influence of superplasticisers and of granulated blastfurnace slag and limestone

299 kB

Eberhard Eickschen

Reactivation potential of air-entraining concrete admixtures

944 kB

Eberhard Eickschen, Christoph Müller

Interactions of air-entraining agents and plasticizers in concrete

1,1 MB

Roland Pierkes, Jörg Rickert

Effect of sand on the evaluation of potentially alkali-reactive aggregates

472 kB

Christoph Müller

Current regulations for concrete

804 kB

Christoph Müller, Ingmar Borchers, Eberhard Eickschen

Experience with ASR test methods - advice on obtaining practical evaluation criteria for performance testing and aggregate testing

245 kB


Complete Report

3,56 MB

Concrete Technology Reports 2007 - 2009




Martin Schneider

Foreword Issue 2009

32 kB

Christoph Müller, Katrin Severins

Durability of concretes made with cements containing fly ash

690 kB

Patrick Schäffel, Jörg Rickert

The influence of shrinkage-reducing admixtures on the shrinkage and other properties of hardened cement paste

850 kB

Eberhard Eickschen

Operating mechanisms of air-entraining admixtures

1,1 MB

Sören Eppers, Christoph Müller

On the examination of the autogenous shrinkage cracking propensity by means of the restrained ring test with particular consideration of temperature influences

940 kB

Christoph Müller, Katrin Severins, Bruno Hauer

New findings concerning the performance of cements containing limestone, granulated blastfurnace slag and fly ash as main constituents

1,3 MB

Maria Teresa Alonso Junghanns, Christoph Müller

Use of CEM II and CEM III/A cements in cement-based floor screeds

760 kB

Concrete Technology Reports 2004 - 2006




Martin Schneider

Foreword Issue 2006

65 kB

Stefan Kordts, Wolfgang Breit

Combined test method for assessing the workability of SCC - flow cone

932 kB

Volkert Feldrappe, Christoph Müller

Effects of freeze-thaw attack on dense high-strength concrete

464 kB

Christoph Müller, Eberhard Lang

Durability of concrete made with Portland-limestone and Portland-composite cements CEM II-M (S-LL)

869 kB

Jörg Rickert, Gerd Thielen

Influence of a phosphonic-acid-based long-term retarder on the hydration of clinker and cement

1,1 MB

Eberhard Siebel, Matthias Böhm, Ingmar Borchers, Christoph Müller, Jürgen Bokern, Elke Schäfer

ASR test methods - comparability and practical relevance

1,1 MB

Concrete Technology Reports 2001 - 2003




Gerd Thielen

Foreword Issue 2003

83 kB

Franz Sybertz, Gerd Thielen

The European cement standard and its effects in Germany

424 kB

Horst Grube, Beatrix Kerkhoff

The new German concrete standards DIN EN 206-1 and DIN EN 1045-2 as basis for the design of durable constructions

466 kB

Christoph Müller

Concrete as a recycable building material

737 kB

Beatrix Kerkhoff, Eberhard Siebel

Properties of concrete with recycled aggregates

1,1 MB

Jörg Rickert, Horst Grube

Influence of recycled water from fresh concrete recycling systems on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete

529 kB

Jörg Rickert

Influence of retarders on the hydration of clinker and cement

769 kB

Eberhard Eickschen

Factors affecting the formation of air voids in road concrete

490 kB

Stefan Kordts, Horst Grube

Controlling the workability properties of self compacting concrete used as ready-mixed concrete

953 kB

Stefan Kordts, Wolfgang Breit

Assessment of the fresh concrete properties of self compacting concrete

426 kB

Viktor Marchuk

Dispersibility of the silica fume slurry in cement paste and mortar

454 kB

Eberhard Siebel, Jürgen Bokern, Heinz-Martin Sylla

Development of new low alkali cements based on cements with granulated blastfurnace slag as main constituent

681 kB

Eberhard Siebel, Jürgen Bokern, Elke Schäfer, Birgit Meng

Influence of cement and additions on the quantity of alkalis available for an alkali-silica reaction

1,2 MB

María Teresa Alonso

High strength concrete

598 kB

Klaus Lipus, Stefan Puntke

Sulfate resistance of concretes with different compositions

510 kB

Wolfgang Breit

Acid resistance of concrete

477 kB

Peter Boos, Gerd Thielen, Cornelia Schmitt-Riegraf

Basic technical principles for repairing concrete drinking water supply tanks

1,0 MB

Concrete Technology Reports 1998 - 2000




Gerd Thielen

Foreword Issue 2000

22 kB

Gerd Thielen, Siegbert Sprung

European Standardization with Reference to Cement

446 kB

Wilhelm Manns, Gerd Thielen, Christina Laskowski

Evaluation of the results of tests for building inspectorate approval of Portland limestone cements

314 kB

Thorsten Reschke, Eberhard Siebel, Gerd Thielen

Influence of the granulometry and reactivity of cement and additions on the development of the strength and microstructure of mortar and concrete

669 kB

Horst Grube, Jörg Rickert

Self compacting concrete – another stage in the development of the 5-component system

291 kB

Jörg Rickert, Horst Grube

Analysis of recycled water components

301 kB

Wilhelm Hintzen, Gerd Thielen

Influences of concrete technology on cracking due to the heat of hydration

606 kB

Wilhelm Hintzen, Horst Grube

Reduction of crack formation in tunnel inner shells made of in-situ concrete

778 kB

Eberhard Siebel, Wolfgang Breit

Results of an European Round Robin Test – Standard Methods for Testing the Resistance

429 kB

Eberhard Eickschen, Eberhard Siebel

Influence of constituents and concrete composition on the shrinkage and swelling of paving concrete

182 kB

Eberhard Eickschen, Eberhard Siebel

Durability of porous concrete for concrete pavements

141 kB

Gerhard Spanka, Gerd Thielen

Release of volatile substances of cement-bound building products

239 kB

Gerd Thielen

Technical and legal requirements for the use of construction products, taking health and environmental view of the non-metallic minerals industry

471 kB

Wolfgang Breit

Critical corrosion inducing chloride content – State of the art and new investigation results

778 kB

Joerg Rickert, Gerd Thielen

Influence of a Long-Term Retarder on the Hydration of Clinker and Cement

6,4 MB


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