Tuesday, 6. August 2019

34th Anthology of Concrete Technology Reports published

The efficient use of resources and climate protection are two major challenges modern concrete construction methods have to face up to. The articles in the 34th Anthology deal with a broad spectrum of topics that address these important issues.

In particular, these topics include various aspects of the production and use of clinker-efficient cements and of the use of recycled aggregates in the form of crushed sand in cement. The articles on the performance and composition of air-entrained concretes and high-performance concretes, on the properties of hardened cement pastes and their effects in the case of fire, and on the avoiding of harmful alkali-silica reactions also address issues relating to the future of concrete construction as a construction method.

VDZ has been publishing the results of its work on current issues relating to concrete technology and chemical mineralogy in its Concrete Technology Reports since 1960. There are now 34 Anthologies in this series that serve as a comprehensive, reliable reference work for researchers.

This publication, which has only been published online since the 2016-2018 period under review, is available immediately using the free VDZ eBook app. To obtain the app for iOS and Android, scan the QR code shown on the right or enter the URL address Alongside the app, you can also find an alternative view for your desktop browser here.

Further information on the anthology and individual articles can be found here.


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