Programme and Speakers

The International VDZ Congress 2018 included various sessions:

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Hall Maritim
12.00 hLunch
Keynote Session
14.00 h  
Welcome and Opening
Christian Knell, President of VDZ
14.10 h 
The Cement Plant of the Future –
Innovation and Technical Trends in Cement Production
Albert Scheuer, HeidelbergCement
14.40 hTechnical Trends and Innovation in the Construction Sector
Jérôme Stubler, VINCI Construction
15.45 hConcrete and its Digital Fabrication
Robert Flatt, ETH Zurich
16.15 hThe Cement Industry on the Way to a Low Carbon Future
Martin Schneider, VDZ
16.45 hThe Global Cement and Concrete Association:
One Global Cement and Concrete Voice

Frank Rossini / Benjamin Sporton, GCCA

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hall Maritim
Hall Duesseldorf

Digital Measures and Projects
Sustainability and Climate Change
09.00 hBig Data Analysis in the Cement Industry
Fokion Tasoulas, TITAN Cement Group
Max Captive Power and Clinker

Albrecht Wolter / Jessica Thiess,
TU Clausthal
09.30 hDigital in Heavy Building Materials – Starting the Transformation at HeidelbergCement
Roman Lentz, HeidelbergCement
Calix Process CO2 Separation
Technology and the LEILAC
Phil Hodgson, Calix
10.00 hDigitalization – Leverage
Operational Efficiency in the
Cement Industry
Yun Zeng / Ömer Oydasik,
Verifying the Potential of Integrated Calcium Looping for Low-CO2 Cement
Stefano Consonni, Politecnico
di Milano
11.00 hIndustrial Internet of Things –
A Roller Mill Solution as an
Georg Locher, thyssenkrupp
Industrial Solutions
Conversion of CO2
A Techno-economic Assessment
Remi Chauvy, Université de Mons (UMONS)
11.30 hDigital Transformation: A Survey of the German Cement Industry
Max Ellerich / Daniel Haarhoff, RWTH Aachen
Low Carbon Energy and Feedstock for the European Chemical Industry
Kurt Wagemann, DECHEMA
12.00 hHow to Approach Data Evaluation in the Cement Industry
Philipp Fleiger / Martin Schneider, VDZ
CO2 Emission Reduction by Using CO2 from the Cement Industry: Myths and Facts
Carlos Abanades, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Hall Maritim
Hall Duesseldorf
Environmental Protection Measures
Grinding Technology
13.30 hNOx Abatement in the German Cement Industry
Bernd Haegermann,
Trends in Grinding Technologies (Report from VDZ's Working Group Grinding Technology)
Michael Müller-Pfeiffer, Dyckerhoff / Philipp Fleiger, VDZ
14.00 hHD-SCR Kiln 2, Goellheim plant – Course of Action, Concept and Operational Experiences
Rüdiger Matheis, Dyckerhoff
Wide Range of Applications –
Operational Results of MVR Mills

Caroline Woywadt, Gebr. Pfeiffer
14.30 hThe Research Progress on NH3-SCR Technology and its
Application in China

Wang Lan, China Building
Materials Academy CBMA
Grindability Investigations of Innovative Cement Composite Materials in VRM-Grinding Plants
Winfried Ruhkamp, Loesche
15.30 hEmissions Reduction by Means of
Efficent Combination of
DeCONOx, Xmercury and
Sludge Drying Systems

Jürgen Thormann / Richard Morris, Schwenk Zement
Nuh Çimento’s Largest Upgrade Project in Europe with KHD Roller Press Technology
Ilker Avci, Nuh Çimento
16.00 hMercury Balances in the Cement

Stefan Schäfer / Volker Hoenig / Robin Harraß, VDZ
Separate (Ultra-) Fine-Grinding of Cement
Kevin Treiber, VDZ
16.30 hContinuous Process Gas and Mercury Emission Monitoring
Felix Bartknecht, SICK
Hall Maritim
19.30 hDinner

Friday, 28 September 2018

Hall Maritim
Hall Duesseldorf
Burning Technology
Cement and Concrete
09.00 hWaste Heat Power Generation –
From Concept to Operation

Cristian Voinitchi / Michael
Principato, HeidelbergCement
LC3 – Limestone and Calcined Clay Concrete
Karen Scrivener, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
09.30 hInvestigations on Alternative Fuel
Combustion at the Main Firing

Nils Bodendiek / Stefan Schäfer, VDZ
CSA Cement in China
Sui Tongbo, Sinoma
10.00 hDrying High Moisture RDF
at Souselas

Francisco Leitão, Cimpor
Progress in the Development of Ternocem – A Belite Yeélimite Cement
Wolfgang Dienemann,
11.00 hRetrofitting the Duna-Dráva
Cement Plant in Vác for Higher AFR Utilization Demonstrating Improved Environmental

Zsolt Szilágyi / László Szabó,
Duna-Dráva Cement
Recarbonation of Concrete –
Climate Benefit and Environmental Issues

Jesper Sand Damtoft,
Aalborg Portland
11.30 h5 Years Operational Experience with the Prototype Prepol-SC
Florian Trela, Holcim (Deutschland)
Solidia Technologies – An Example of Carbon Capture and Utilization
Vincent Meyer, LafargeHolcim
12.00 hCapacity Boost and Energy
Savings – With Counter Current Heat Exchanging Cyclone

Mads Nielsen / Anders Skærlund
Petersen, FLSmidth
Performance-based Specifications for Concrete
Christoph Müller, VDZ
12.30 hLunch
End of congress


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