VDZ-Congress 2013

"Cement is more than a building material. It is a pillar of societal development," said Gerhard Hirth, President of the German Cement Works Association (VDZ), at the opening of the seventh international VDZ congress.  Between 25 and 27 September more than 650 participants from the cement industry, mechanical engineers and scientists from around 50 countries discussed current technical developments in cement manufacture and the challenges of the sector in Duesseldorf. 

"Cement is part of our infrastructure and streets, creates space for living and working and allows us to build amazing architecture," said VDZ President Hirth in his opening speech. Hirth said that the cement sector could be proud to be manufacturing a building material that forms the foundations of modern societies. His speech was followed by 40 lectures from experts from Asia, Europe and North America on procedure-related innovations and the development of the global cement and energy market. 

At a time of increasing energy costs and responsible use of resources, sustainable cement production was the focus of the programme for the congress. Many presentations were dedicated to increasing the energy efficiency of grinders and ovens, air purification and effective use of fuels and raw materials. Contributions alternated between research-based presentations and experience reports from technically leading cement works. Presentations on new types of cement, as well as cements with tried-and-tested but optimised composition, completed the programme for the congress with an overview of the cement market of the future. 

"Even though the world economy is still faced with enormous challenges, the growth of the emerging countries is slowing down and environmental requirements are increasing worldwide, cement is still an essential building material for our societies," said VDZ President Hirth. "The technical progress shown here highlights that the cement industry will continue to provide a sustainable building material that is the basis for future growth in our industry." According to Hirth, the programme for the congress showed that cement manufacturers and users, mechanical engineers and researchers can successfully tackle the upcoming challenges together. 

VDZ is the technical and scientific union of German cement manufacturers. For more than 135 years, the association has been contributing to competitive and environmentally-friendly cement production and high-quality concrete construction methods with its research. In order to do this, the association maintains the research institute for the cement industry in Duesseldorf. The VDZ congress has been an international forum of the cement industry, its suppliers and science since 1971.

President Gerhard Hirth, VDZ Congress 2013, © VDZ/Wilfried Meyer
Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize awarded for the fourth time: Duncan Herfort honoured for his outstanding work
Dr. Martin Schneider, VDZ Congress 2013, © VDZ/Wilfried Meyer
VDZ-Congress 2013, © VDZ/Wilfried Meyer
VDZ Congress 2013, © VDZ/Wilfried Meyer


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