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Industry publication

Education and Training Programme 2022/23

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VDZ's Education and Training Programme 2022/23 ranges from the teaching of technical basics to the imparting of special technical knowledge and education courses for managers. VDZ offers individual, tailor-made seminars on the topics of clinker and cement production, maintenance, quality assurance, environmental protection and concrete technology. Almost all seminars can also be designed and implemented as inhouse seminars according to individual customer requirements. More about the training programme 2022/23 and registration at: https://vdz.info/5c78h

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Specialist articles

Crying Zwolf

Available in English

Albrecht Schall, VDZ, discusses the ‘Zwolf’ and the role of maintenance in ensuring that cement kilns operate effectively. Published in: World Cement (2021) 12, 35-38

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Improvement of energy efficiency for the grinding of composite cements by means of separate ultra-fine grinding at semi-industrial scale

Available in English

Short research report on IGF project 20656 N, in which the potential of separate fine grinding for practical use and separate fine grinding using scalable grinding plants was investigated.

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Research projects


Influence of the reduction of melting point and viscosity of the clinker melt by ashes of alternative fuels on sintering reactions and coating formation

A database was compiled which cement manufacturers can use to influence and further optimise the formation of the melt phase by selecting suitable alternative fuels and their proportion.

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Optimal compaction of concretes with high workability and high robustness

The aim of this research project was to create basic knowledge on the results of different processing and compaction measures in correlation with the properties of the fresh concrete.

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ECo – Efficient Co-Electrolyser for Efficient Renewable Energy Storage

The aim of ECo project was to utilise CO₂ for co-electrolysis SOEC in combination with electricity production from renewable sources for storage as methane presented an interesting approach to handling CO₂ emissions from the cement industry in a future sustainable energy system.

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Online Course

VDZ e-Learning Platform: Online Courses on Cement Production and Concrete Construction Methods

With us, you can expand your knowledge around the production of cement and lime, as well as in the area of concrete technology. As a competent partner, we have been offering our customers individual qualification solutions since 2010. In addition to German-language online courses, we also offer English- and Russian-language courses and other services.

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Crash Course Process Control

The SIMULEX® cement plant simulator for training plant supervisors, foremen, production personnel, control room operators and young engineers was developed by KHD Humboldt Wedag AG in cooperation with VDZ. For over ten years VDZ has been using the simulator within the framework of training courses and has been continually supporting the further development of the system with practical input from the industry. As a result, the simulator provides a realistic reconstruction of a production plant with a state-of-the-art supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA).

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Energy Balances and Efficiency

Kiln and mill examinations are carried out in order to gather data on the performance and to validate warranty performance data such as the output, the energy consumption, input/output ratio or the efficiency. They also provide a reliable foundation for the optimisation of individual operational system components, the cement quality, the reduction of emissions levels and for assessment of material cycles and coating formations.

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International­ VDZ Congress 2018

Climate protection and digitisation are key challenges for the cement industry: More than 600 representatives from the international cement industry and associated suppliers, as well as from scientific and research institutes around the world, gathered at the International VDZ Congress 2018 in Duesseldorf at the end of September. Steeped in tradition, the VDZ Congress is one of the world's most important events in the industry. The 40 talks held at this year's congress focused on particularly pressing topics such as climate protection and digitisation. The participants also discussed current technical challenges and the general situation with regard to cement production. A further highlight was an evening ceremony at which the winners of the VDZ Industrial Safety Prize 2017 received their awards.

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