Process Technology of Cement Production

20 - 29 April 2021

This online course serves to extend the participants  knowledge about all major process steps of cement production. It consists of two modules which can be booked individually: 

Module 1 (Grinding Technology and Raw Material Preparation) will cover raw material extraction and homogenisation, comminution processes and grinding equipment with special focus on quality parameters of the grinded material and energy consumption.

Module 2 (Clinker Production and Material Technology) will address clinker formation and clinker properties as well as burning technology, drawing special attention to energy efficiency and emission abatement techniques.

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Firing Alternative Fuels

17 - 20 May 2021 

This online course is specially designed for busy technical staff who would like to combine their daily work activities in the plant with world-class training.  In four half-days the participants will have the chance to learn and discuss relevant aspects regarding the use of alternative fuels, covering topics from quality control and impacts on process, clinker and cement to process optimisation. 

Starting with the main political drivers such as the circular economy and the European waste fuel strategy, the training will give a detailed view of the current state-of-the-art-situation with regard to the use of alternative fuels in the EU. In this context, pre-treatment and suitable quality control of alternative fuels will be also explained and presented. A main focus will be given to the drivers and barriers of the use of alternative fuels within the burning process. Relevant aspects will be explained and discussed with the participants. Finally, technical feasibilities, case studies and possible optimisation potential will be part of the training course. 

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Crash Course for Young Engineers

14 - 18 June 2021

This one-week in-depth online training session covers all relevant aspects of cement technology including chemistry, mineralogy and environmental aspects. Quality control as well as cement performance in mortar and concrete will also be covered. 

The cement industry offers excellent job opportunities for young engineers or scientists. Training schemes introduce these new employees to cement technology, taking their different professional backgrounds into account. 

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