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Through special tests for technical approvals the suitability of construction products (e.g. cements or concretes) for specific areas of application can be proved. The Research Institute of the Cement Industry carries out tests for the following approvals:

  • national technical approvals issued by the German Institute for Building
    Technology (DIBt)
  • European Technical Approvals (ETA)
  • KOMO-attests with product certificates in accordance with CUR 48

Our service range comprises all stages of the approval procedure, such as the application, the compilation and implementation of the testing programme, the technical report and expert opinion on the suitability of the product.


Expert opinions

The scientists of the Research Institute of the Cement Industry provide expert opinions in order to analyse damage to concrete constructions and/or to avoid it. Our well-equipped concrete laboratory offers a wide range of possibilities for doing this. The Institute assesses for example whether an impairment of the durability of aggregates or concrete compositions resulting from a damaging alkali silica reaction (ASR) or a lack of resistance to freeze-thaw attack has to be expected. Furthermore, our service range includes the certification of the sustainability of buildings according to the certification system of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Service Offer
"Concrete and Mortar"